Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We just finished up another custom ordered Hilltribe bamboo bicycle frame! This one is for Scott at TTR bike shop in Greenville, SC (http://www.ttrbikes.com/). It will be his touring/commuting bike and I have a feeling it will be hitting the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the very near future (http://greenvillerec.com/parks/swamp-rabbit).

Scott is planning to equip this bike with Shimano’s new 11 speed internal rear hub. This hub is designed to give a wide range of gear ratios while utilizing a single chainring up front. No more front derailleur. Nice work Scott!

A new set of disc brakes will bring the 700c x 35 city / touring tires to stop in any kind of weather. Speaking of weather, we will be protecting Scott’s clothes with a pair of Bamboo Fenders. Scott thinks he’s using one of the new Bamboo Fenders from Planet Bike. Wait until he catches wind of the custom fenders we’re going to ship to him just in time for Easter. Shh, don’t tell him. This is new to our product line, and not officially released yet. Just another benefit of ordering a custom bamboo bike from Webb Works!


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