There is not a better bike frame material

Steel or Aluminum vs Bamboo?  No comparison!                                        January, 2009

Both Steel and Aluminum have a tremendous negative impact on the environment, with a large carbon footprint.  And it is not reproduced quickly.

Bamboo, however, creates oxygen for us and has a positive impact on our environment.  It takes 3 to 5 years for bamboo to become mature enough to use for this type of construction.  Sweet!


Bamboo an amazing material!  During my research of this product, I was continually impressed.  I am convinced that it is another one of God’s miracles.

It’s strength to weight ratio is stronger than steel and it naturally absorbs a lot of road noise or vibrations.

The trick is to be sure there are no bugs in it. Otherwise, the durability gets eaten away over time, literally! Not Fun!

There are many different ways to treat the bamboo before using it for our ride-able art.  We use “green” methods that have been proven over time by the natives here in Asia.  They have centuries of experience with bamboo and use it for just about everything!


2 thoughts on “There is not a better bike frame material

  1. I question whether using bamboo is less impact on the environment. Your bike still uses a lot of metal products. The energy involved in collecting the bamboo driving it to the bike shop an prepping it may be greater than that of steel. the infrastructure for making steel tubing is already in place. What if you used recycled steel. If one goes green you need to look at the whole picture. Putting solar panels on a house when no one is living in it during the day may not make sense. Solar panels at an office building does make sense.

    • Hello Pierre,

      Good thoughts on the environmental impact side of things. However, we do not claim that we are doing this for any environmental purposes. Our purposes are to build community and bring hope to those who have no hope here in southeast Asia.

      In addition, have you ridden a bamboo bike? They offer an amazing ride, equal to no material on the market today! You should test ride one!

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