Welcome to Bamboo Bike Maker’s blog

Hello, my name is phil webb, and this is my first entry to this blog.  I am the designer and founder of Webb Works Bamboo Bikes.  We have been developing bamboo bikes here in northern Thailand since 2008.  We are now taking orders and shipping!

Our main purpose is to develop jobs here in this developing country, that we can use to teach quality skills to folks that they can use to improve their quality of life.  We wanted a product that had a distinct Asian characteristic, but that would be a World class product.  Bamboo is everywhere and used for everything here… why not bicycles?

We have been having a good time with this project, and are excited about it moving into the next phase of production.  Won’t you join in with us, and purchase your very own bamboo bike?  They are a treat to ride!

You can visit our website if you’d like a little more info.

This is the Urban / Fitness Bike

Hilltribe - The Urban / Fitness Bike

Thai silk is the road bike model

Thai Silk - The smooth Road bike