Quality Control


A distinguishing factor between our process and many others out there is that we have nearly complete control over the manufacturing process–from bamboo selection to the finished product. We begin by hand selecting the bamboo (while its still growing in the ground!) at our local friend’s bamboo farm. We then wait until it is at its peak level of maturity for delivering its highest strength to size ratio. It is then harvested and transported to the smokehouse to be treated for the next several months before making its way to our shop. Once there, it is sorted, inspected and categorized by tube size. Each frame’s tube-set is selected specifically for the size and type of bike (ex. tubes for an XL road frame or medium cyclo-cross frame).

Other materials we source for the build process are of the highest quality standards. That’s everything from dropouts and head-tubes to the carbon fiber and epoxy resins. Our unique carbon layup schedule and carbon-to-bamboo bonding process allows for a very secure bond that withstands stress and fatigue as well as extreme temperature and humidity changes. Wrapping a bunch of carbon fiber or other fiber of choice around the bamboo tubes to secure them in place just doesn’t cut it. Our frames are bench-crafted by hand to ensure no detail is overlooked. A lot of attention and a lot of time then go into the shaping and sculpting of the hand-laid carbon lug work to complement the natural beauty of the bamboo. The frames are then inspected again before the finish is applied and again before packaging and shipment to your doorstep.